Bomb Voyage (or) Vile Isle


16 Lharvion 998 YK


I arrived at Dreadholme this morning and things were much as we suspected since our loss of contact with Warden Watch. I spent much of the afternoon tracking down escaped prisoners. Three of them captured thus far. None of the Max Security ones as of yet, but they couldn’t have gotten too far. One of those recaptured is Thalmond Rumple. Does his Majesty recall Rumple? The perpetrator of the Thylone Incident? I finished interrogating him a short while ago (written transcripts enclosed). He was in Cell 4 and had a prime view of the goings on in the Main Lobby. According to Rumple, two men entered with a Bulette and what he referred to as a mentally challenged woman. Your secretary’s description of the creature with those that came to see you the other day as well as from the Gallows Auction article match Rumple’s descriptions of the Bulette. I showed Rumple drawings we have from old flyers of Alain Velderan d’Tharashk and Kit Reinhardt. He identified them positively. The other one, I can only assume is the man whom His Majesty said called himself “Jon Miller”. Rumple says they took the tour as you allowed and asked many questions, though he couldn’t hear much of what was spoken. Then they left, BUT, Watch and two guards escorted them back to their ship (I’ve already informed those responsible to begin creating new Warforged Guardians and have specified that they are no longer allowed to leave the immediate grounds of the prison).

A moment after the party left, Rumple says someone came out of the MSC (Max Security Cell) and attacked the two remaining guards. I’m not sure how anyone could have gotten in there, but perhaps we underestimated these folk and they have powers similar to Kraeken. Maybe the Professor is working with them… Anyway, if Rumple’s account is accurate, this was Miladriel Aeravir. I mean, how many six foot ambidextrous female sword mistress’s who can make short work of our Warforged prison guards are there? Including your own, we now have three representations of what she looks like without her mask. I’m going to have Gorgin Jones at the Chronicle get some sketches made. Finally, the monk too came from the MSC to help dispatch the guards. This is certainly Lin Seymour. According to Rumple, she murdered a guard with nothing but a FLUTE. Obviously, he’s not the most reliable informant. (As an aside, Captain Balthag, who was gracious enough to sail me here in his ship, agrees that these are the same thugs who attacked his party the other day) Rumple also mentions that several explosives went off in the prison during the short fray. This seems consistent with what Balthag says of that Miller fellow.

Rumple went on to say that the two women rushed outside and he heard sounds of a skirmish. Eventually, Miller (as I will refer to him from now on) reentered and began doing some sort of work near the front door that must have gone awry as he was caught in a small explosion. Maybe he was setting a trap to stop investigators? We found a small scorch mark in the area, but nothing else. Rumple says if Miller was injured by the blast, he couldn’t tell.

Shortly thereafter, Reinhardt and Aeravir returned with Warden Watch’s RIGHT ARM. They used this to disable the sigils and open the cell doors. They grabbed Finch and left. Rumple himself waited in his cell until the invaders were gone and then attempted to make his escape. He mentioned seeing a ship I’m quite sure to be “The Goblin Stew” sailing toward Tempest Isle.

My party found the destroyed Guardians. Besides removing Watch’s arm the Warden was pretty well plundered. There was a note giving credit for the break-out to “THE FABULOUSLY AMAZING KIT REINHARDT and company”. I’ve left a party here to assume care for the remaining prisoners and continue searching the island for the escapees. Balthag offered to take me to Tempest Isle to follow Kraeken’s Krew (as I shall call them collectively).

I’ve kept in contact with Gorgin Jones from the newspaper. He’s been instructed to run stories about these marauders in as many editions across Khorvaire as he can. We’ll post pictures of them all over the country. If anyone sees them or the Goblin Stew puts in to port anywhere in Khorvaire we’ll be sure to be notified immediately.

One Final aside; I have a man in Regalsport Intelligence who is pulling dossiers of Kraeken’s Krew for me (including opening a new one on Miller). It seems d’Tharashk belongs to House Medani. I’ve contacted them for help. I’ve also sent word to one Inspector Grimmly who is on the trail of Reinhardt for a recent theft. I’m also set to get in touch with Breland as Aeravir is being watched by King Boranel’s people and they may be of some help.

If they come out into the open they should be VERY easy to find.



Transcript of a message intercepted from the pirate ship, The Goblin Stew>


Best that this comes from me, rather than the tabloids. Several weeks ago, an old associate, Jon Kraeken, contacted me for assistance. You may remember him as the politically connected Morgrave professor who helped save me from the noose after that unfortunate incident in Thrane. Needless to say, I owe him a debt, one that has landed me in the Pirate Isles with an unlikely band of Kraeken’s debtors. While talented, none of them are soldiers and I fear that I will be in need of the mettle that true battle-hardened veterans wrap about their bones if I am to survive this adventure. What I wouldn’t give to have one of the Roar’s tactical units with me now.

The crux of this message though is this, I have found it necessary to spring open the doors or Dreadhold to advance on an objective that seems to have greater import than its connection to Kraeken. In doing so, I have released some, or all, of the continent’s finest out into the world. Granted, they are on an island with no known means of escape, but how often have we been in similar circumstances, only to show up on the frontline when least expected? While this will likely be Prince Rygar’s problem in the short term, perhaps the House can track down these “criminals” and keep itself above my exploits.

As far as my objective, some connection exists to a seemingly wide-spread cult revolving around a revision of a book about enlightenment, penned by Lin Seymour, who, as luck would have it, is one of my travelling companions. Please see that the House is alerted to the apparent danger of this book and burn any copies we may have. Xor’chylic may have information about this situation, as it seems to have roots in the lore of Xoriat.

Meanwhile my brother, I will do my best to divest myself of this debt honorably, if not legally. You know better than most that “law” has little place in war and, though a comfortable thought to think otherwise, we are still at war.

With all respect,


Bomb Voyage (or) Vile Isle

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