Five-Fingering the Family Jewels or The Pain in Thrane Falls Mainly on the Flame

So it seems we have 2 objectives which will call for us to deploy in two teams.

  • Team One: Get into the lower level of the Thrane installation, steal the jewel, and escape
  • Team Two: Get into the upper level where the 333 Lunatic LAME show is taking place, cause a distraction that will buy Team One some cover, humiliate the Silver Flame, Thrane, and Pansy Creedo, and escape.

We have a pool of 5500gp to outfit ourselves (or 1100gp each) and whatever we can call in from our contacts.

What we had sketched out before is that Millie, Kit, and Lin would make up Team One, given their sneak/stealth/kick-ass-when-trouble-starts ability. Eion and Alain are specifically suited for causing a distraction in this instance.

Things to consider:
  • Eion and Alain will need tickets to the show or a way to gain entrance.
  • We may be searched for weapons if we enter through the front door
  • We have the knife we found that creates an extra-dimensional space, which I think will be the crux of how Alain and Eion survive…potentially.
  • We need to be away from this place pretty quickly. I spent my coin on the 8th level create portal ritual. If you can cast rituals, consider how they can be of help here. Alain will be using his Battlefield Elocution to good effect.
  • This is Thrane, not some disorganized third-world pirate state so, after the heist, we will be in trouble in the 5 Nations.
  • There will be lots of common-folk who Alain would prefer not to turn into casualties. What can be done to not go down in history as leading a massacre?
  • We may have items that the other team may need so we may want to trade out what makes sense.
  • We will likely need to escape separately. Where will we meet?
  • Should one of us be captured, what do we expect of the others?
  • What resources from your contacts can you enlist?

We’ve got some time to plan so let’s think it through.


All good points.

I have a few questions/remarks:

1.) Team One, what are our collective Arcana, Dungeoneering, Stealth, and Thievery Skills? I’m contemplating retraining Dungeoneering to get more Stealth. I want to make sure that it’s worth it. Currently I have:

3 Arcana 11 Dungeoneering 7 Stealth 7 Thievery

2.) Eoin may want to invest in Anthem of Unity. If used right, it can cause enough chaos for the guards to get away with minimal (non-Pansy Flamebritches) casualties.

3.) I would say if you two can somehow finagle your way as staff (roadies, pyrotechnic workers, etc.) it will be MUCH easier to get in with your weapons. Will require some heavy bluff on you two, especially if we don’t want the old bandmates from recognizing Alain.

4.) I am thinking of picking up Wizard’s Escape for similar reasons Alain will pick up Linked Portal. Status and Wiazrd’s Sight are also possible options.


Good thinking all. I will get more detailed blueprints with a key for you later today. Don’t forget that you have a large burrowing creature. Maybe you can outfit him with something to break through walls. I’m going to send out an e-mail to make sure everyone knows this convo is going on.


Alain has written a song to use as part of the distraction. Should be fun. I’ll let it be a surprise,


Is it anything like the song at the End of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey? Cause that would be awesome!


maybe or maybe just play the song in the background from my phone and sing background. Let’s talk about it.


I don’t think that I have a chance of infiltrating the stagehands with the band there unless there is magic involved. Perhaps Eoin might plant himself. My thought is that I go in reasonably disguised with the knife o’hiding and my sword shrunk into a dagger or staff. I’ll work to have a few shapeshifting aces planted in the crowd to back us up if needed. Eoin and I meet up and take the stage, with the aces buying us some time if necessary. Using battlefield elocution, I sing such that the crowd and band can hear me (not sure if not projecting to the guards buys us time as they try to figure out what the crowd is going on about). If the band comes to their senses, maybe we perform a second riotous song. Eoin carves an escape route into which we, and perhaps the band, minus Pancel, escape. Once in the extradimensional space, I perform the portal ritual to the predetermined rendezvous.

Meanwhile, do you think that the bullette could be coaxed to carve a tunnel from the sewer to the 2 or 3 rooms that we need to get to? otherwise, much sneakiness, pick pocketness, and detrappiness needs to take place once i start the distraction. I think we should grab everything not nailed down and stuff it into the bag of holding. Kit should learn the portal ritual and prepare the escape while the looting is done. The three of you should not be afraid to use your feminine wiles to confuse the guards should you be caught.

On the subject of caught, if one of the groups is caught, there will likely be little chance of sneaking into the keep a second time.


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