For Those About to Rock (The Nation of Thrane)...

It is with mixed emotions that I write this. Given the events of this evening, I find it valuable to put to the pen, my account of what occurred so that, should the flames of propaganda scorch the land of truth, that there is some record of worth.

My companions and I had traveled to Thrane in pursuit of an artifact tied to thwarting an emerging conspiracy, the scope of which is rapidly emerging. I traveled lightly and quietly into the shadows of the Silver Flame, not knowing if my presence would stir up trouble, based on past conflicts I’ve had with the nation’s soldiery. As the Traveler would have it, the artifact required was located in the bowels of Flamekeep, the heart of the Silver Flame. Where else would it be…?

In a point of synchronicity, my old band, 333 Lunatic Lane, was scheduled to play a show at the keep with their new frontman, in an exhibition of bastardizations of my creative works. While disappointed in the collusion of my former mates, both on the personal front and in their willingness to put their talents in the employ of the cause shared by the inquisition that has targeted their countrymen, I planned to let it be. However, I did need a distraction to allow my companions to loot the artifact required.

Eion and I were able to gain access to the venue through separate means and rendezvous on the stage. Ignited somewhat by the feel of the boards beneath my feet, the weight of the crowd’s gaze, and the scent of the pyrotechnics and their poised potential, I could not help but make a bit more of a spectacle than called for. Seeing the youth of Thrane respond to the universal voice inherent in the music of conviction was mind-opening for me. Perhaps the next generation will throw off the noose of the Flame. My observation was shared by the possessed child messiah herself, who ordered the doors locked and the keep burnt to the ground along with all within it.

Eion and I did what we could to shoo the masses out of the hall, battling with Thrane’s elite guard who attempted to keep the exits barred. Most made it into the chaos of the surrounding avenues once we cleared a path, and we ourselves leapt out the doors with the ordered immolation hot on our heels.

I can feel that my companions are safe, and will join them soon. I worry how this event will be portrayed to meet the ends of the church. My hope is that the minds of the youth of Thrane hold tightly to the import of what has happened and to the expendable regard their leaders hold them in. I hope that they will piss on the Flames at the root of the fire while its gaze looks far for me and my new band across the land. Let freedom’s bell toll.

Five-Fingering the Family Jewels or The Pain in Thrane Falls Mainly on the Flame

So it seems we have 2 objectives which will call for us to deploy in two teams.

  • Team One: Get into the lower level of the Thrane installation, steal the jewel, and escape
  • Team Two: Get into the upper level where the 333 Lunatic LAME show is taking place, cause a distraction that will buy Team One some cover, humiliate the Silver Flame, Thrane, and Pansy Creedo, and escape.

We have a pool of 5500gp to outfit ourselves (or 1100gp each) and whatever we can call in from our contacts.

What we had sketched out before is that Millie, Kit, and Lin would make up Team One, given their sneak/stealth/kick-ass-when-trouble-starts ability. Eion and Alain are specifically suited for causing a distraction in this instance.

Things to consider:
  • Eion and Alain will need tickets to the show or a way to gain entrance.
  • We may be searched for weapons if we enter through the front door
  • We have the knife we found that creates an extra-dimensional space, which I think will be the crux of how Alain and Eion survive…potentially.
  • We need to be away from this place pretty quickly. I spent my coin on the 8th level create portal ritual. If you can cast rituals, consider how they can be of help here. Alain will be using his Battlefield Elocution to good effect.
  • This is Thrane, not some disorganized third-world pirate state so, after the heist, we will be in trouble in the 5 Nations.
  • There will be lots of common-folk who Alain would prefer not to turn into casualties. What can be done to not go down in history as leading a massacre?
  • We may have items that the other team may need so we may want to trade out what makes sense.
  • We will likely need to escape separately. Where will we meet?
  • Should one of us be captured, what do we expect of the others?
  • What resources from your contacts can you enlist?

We’ve got some time to plan so let’s think it through.

Bomb Voyage (or) Vile Isle


16 Lharvion 998 YK


I arrived at Dreadholme this morning and things were much as we suspected since our loss of contact with Warden Watch. I spent much of the afternoon tracking down escaped prisoners. Three of them captured thus far. None of the Max Security ones as of yet, but they couldn’t have gotten too far. One of those recaptured is Thalmond Rumple. Does his Majesty recall Rumple? The perpetrator of the Thylone Incident? I finished interrogating him a short while ago (written transcripts enclosed). He was in Cell 4 and had a prime view of the goings on in the Main Lobby. According to Rumple, two men entered with a Bulette and what he referred to as a mentally challenged woman. Your secretary’s description of the creature with those that came to see you the other day as well as from the Gallows Auction article match Rumple’s descriptions of the Bulette. I showed Rumple drawings we have from old flyers of Alain Velderan d’Tharashk and Kit Reinhardt. He identified them positively. The other one, I can only assume is the man whom His Majesty said called himself “Jon Miller”. Rumple says they took the tour as you allowed and asked many questions, though he couldn’t hear much of what was spoken. Then they left, BUT, Watch and two guards escorted them back to their ship (I’ve already informed those responsible to begin creating new Warforged Guardians and have specified that they are no longer allowed to leave the immediate grounds of the prison).

A moment after the party left, Rumple says someone came out of the MSC (Max Security Cell) and attacked the two remaining guards. I’m not sure how anyone could have gotten in there, but perhaps we underestimated these folk and they have powers similar to Kraeken. Maybe the Professor is working with them… Anyway, if Rumple’s account is accurate, this was Miladriel Aeravir. I mean, how many six foot ambidextrous female sword mistress’s who can make short work of our Warforged prison guards are there? Including your own, we now have three representations of what she looks like without her mask. I’m going to have Gorgin Jones at the Chronicle get some sketches made. Finally, the monk too came from the MSC to help dispatch the guards. This is certainly Lin Seymour. According to Rumple, she murdered a guard with nothing but a FLUTE. Obviously, he’s not the most reliable informant. (As an aside, Captain Balthag, who was gracious enough to sail me here in his ship, agrees that these are the same thugs who attacked his party the other day) Rumple also mentions that several explosives went off in the prison during the short fray. This seems consistent with what Balthag says of that Miller fellow.

Rumple went on to say that the two women rushed outside and he heard sounds of a skirmish. Eventually, Miller (as I will refer to him from now on) reentered and began doing some sort of work near the front door that must have gone awry as he was caught in a small explosion. Maybe he was setting a trap to stop investigators? We found a small scorch mark in the area, but nothing else. Rumple says if Miller was injured by the blast, he couldn’t tell.

Shortly thereafter, Reinhardt and Aeravir returned with Warden Watch’s RIGHT ARM. They used this to disable the sigils and open the cell doors. They grabbed Finch and left. Rumple himself waited in his cell until the invaders were gone and then attempted to make his escape. He mentioned seeing a ship I’m quite sure to be “The Goblin Stew” sailing toward Tempest Isle.

My party found the destroyed Guardians. Besides removing Watch’s arm the Warden was pretty well plundered. There was a note giving credit for the break-out to “THE FABULOUSLY AMAZING KIT REINHARDT and company”. I’ve left a party here to assume care for the remaining prisoners and continue searching the island for the escapees. Balthag offered to take me to Tempest Isle to follow Kraeken’s Krew (as I shall call them collectively).

I’ve kept in contact with Gorgin Jones from the newspaper. He’s been instructed to run stories about these marauders in as many editions across Khorvaire as he can. We’ll post pictures of them all over the country. If anyone sees them or the Goblin Stew puts in to port anywhere in Khorvaire we’ll be sure to be notified immediately.

One Final aside; I have a man in Regalsport Intelligence who is pulling dossiers of Kraeken’s Krew for me (including opening a new one on Miller). It seems d’Tharashk belongs to House Medani. I’ve contacted them for help. I’ve also sent word to one Inspector Grimmly who is on the trail of Reinhardt for a recent theft. I’m also set to get in touch with Breland as Aeravir is being watched by King Boranel’s people and they may be of some help.

If they come out into the open they should be VERY easy to find.


Madness is Next to Godliness (or) A Road Paved with Good Intentions

From the Diary of Miladriel Aeravir, 14 Lharvion 998 YK

Current Mood: Rapaciously greedy
Current Music: The Silver Flame Took my Baby Away – The Raven Queens

During my reign of terror where I decimated the living quarters of a one Prof. Jon Kraeken, I was stopped because a sudden, earthshaking noise downstairs. It seems the old bastard dug out a basement under his bungalow and made a labratory on it.

After a cursory examination a note, in blood confirmed my earlier suspicions. Wherever Prof. Kraeken was, he was indeed alive. Well, you can’t win em all. Secondly he asked up to take care of “Gary.” Gary, as it turns out, it a very large creature known as a Bullette, aka a “land shark”. Surprisingly he seemed to be a vegetarian and already quite tame. Fancying myself a Beastmistress of sorts, I decided to direct him in battle while Kit decided to treat him like a puppy.

We collectively decided we needed to head to Tempest Isle though that would require a few things: knowledge of where Tempest Isle was and a ship to get us there. We headed to Regalport, not too far from Jon’s summer home and began nosing around.

My first thought was to purchase a ship outright, but we were about 9,600 GP short. However Kit and I caught wind of a ship about to be taken over by some financially savvy pirates. We quickly found the Gallows Auctionhuse where the deal was going down.

Outside of the door we heard some commotion when someone yelled out “we’re taking over the ship!”. In a fit of bravado bolstered by thrift, I burst in , fists raised and shouted:

“The only person who’s gonna be taking over a ship will be me!”

The takeover was pretty painless, I ran in the back lines and, with Alain, took out the Captain’s First Mate. The majority of the crew mere taken care of my Sean, Lin, Kit, and my new best friend, Gary.

The captain himself was extremely fey. Like more than the Fey Love series of eladrin/gnome romance novels I’ve read on several lazy Zuls.

Anyways, after forcing him to surrender, we obtained The Goblin’s Stew a shipped seemingly staffed only by cooks (not Goblins though) who didn’t seem to mind that we only saved them from the pirates because we’re too cheap to buy our own ship, offered to aid us on our journey to Tempest Isle.

Lin, Kit, and I went to the Market to gather supplies for the trip. As we went to gather supplies (and food for Gary), Lin spotted a ridiculous number of copies of the previously mentioned “revised” edition of her book. A bit of talking led us to a tea house where the publisher’s Lhazar office was temporarily held.

From the receptionist’s conversation, we learned that the publisher was based in Rierdra, of all places. From what little I know about the place, this is not good news. I’ve run into their ambassadors once or twice and they always struck me as a little too spiritually fulfilled. I’d say they were ready to don white robes and drink some special “Zil-Ade”, but they already have the white robe part down. I put a call in to Nessie to see if should dig up some dirt on the publishing company.

While we were busy with that, Alain had a conversation with the head chef of the Stew and learned that Tempest Isle was going to be a more difficult trip than originally thought. It was decided that, in order to find the journal on the almost completely inhospitavle Tempest Isle, we were going to have to visit Malon Finch in his cell. In order to get there, we would have to gain Prince Rygar’s permission.

Along the way, Alain found a poster for a 333 Lunatic Lane reunion… without him! Instead, the band was fronted Credo lead singer [NAME HERE], and had began writing news songs esposuing the silver Flame. Alain was… well he was unhappy about it to say the least. At least he didn’t take it out on the poor receptionist at Prince Rygar’s office.

When we regrouped at Rygar’s office, Alain asked for an audience with the Prince. We were initially getting the cold shoulder, but a mention of Malon Finch and Jon was enough to have him appear before us, in the stateliest mobile throne possible. At least when you consider it was made of skeletons. We barraged him with several questions since we weren’t quite sure what to do at the time. Rygar explained than Jon himself somehow teleported into the prison, and tried to escape with Finch in tow, but was unable to do so. Jon, somehow, disappeared yet again.

After a bit of noodling, Lin asked if we could see the prison itself and Malon Finch. Rygar didn’t give us permission to see Finch, probably cause he’d thought we were gonna spring him (which honestly didn’t cross my mind at the time) but he gave us a chance to go and seethe prison itself, which Lin decided was enough for now. Afterwards we made our way back to the Stew and off for the prison.

Dreadholme definitely lives up to its name. If it wasn’t a prison, I would swear it was the hime of some crazy Archlich or, even worse, a politician. Surprisingly enough, however, the staff of the prison, while all Warforged, were quite courteous. They were more than willing to give us the nickel tour… well give Alain, Sean, Kit and Gary the nickel tour.

Lin and I decided to play infiltrator and snuck to the back, opening the door to the Maximum security ward. While we were doing this, the group apparently played dumb, Kit more than the others, and Warden Watch, a huge Warforged, named led them around showing off th features. There they learned that the prison operates using a panel that is activated by his hand.

As we snuck in we found Malon Finch, along with a crazed Berserker and Artificer. I was surprised Finch was a kenku. Figured he’d be taller for some reason. While I tried scaring him into telling us where the journal was, he laughed me off. Maybe I do need to wear the mask off the clock. People always says that gets them riled up, though now that I wrote that I’m not sure that’s what I want when I say intimidate…


Where was I? Oh, right.

Finch, to his credit, was a very very creepy man. Yet, he seemed troubled by more than his current capture. He asked to speak to Lin, but told me to leave. I snuck back outside and patiently waited for a while, monitoring the progress of the tour.

I don’t know what he said to Lin and she never really told me afterwards. Finch intimated I knew too much as it is, so I’m starting to wonder what Finch, Jon, and this device is exactly.

After a few minutes, it looked like it was now or never. I tried to signal for more time, but it was obvious there wasn’t much more. Sean asked for one more around the prison and her surreptitiously laid down some explosives which would end up being pretty useful.

I ran back in and said, “All right, it’s now or never. Are we springing him?”. Lin nodded and we prepped for a jailbreak. Lin assured the cooperation of the Artificer and I got the Berserker on our side.

Tonight, there was gonna be a jailbreak!

You won’t believe what happened next, but that’ll have to wait until later…

The Waves of Fate (or) Ship Out of Luck

From the Diary of Miladriel Aeravir, 12 Lharvion 998 YK

Current Mood: RAGE
Current Music: Right Next Door to the Demon Wastes – 333 Lunatic Lane

Dear Diary,

I write this on the soon to be shambles of what my old slave driver, Jon Kraeken, called his summer home on the island of Greentarn in the Lhazar Principalities. While I’ll regret destroying this comfy wingback chair, there is actually a reason why I decided to go all “hotel room” on his place, and it isn’t alcohol and Zil “pixie dust”.

It started the day before. Well… the week before. I was about ready to do a few appearances in Karrnath, promote the merch, do a few interviews, the usual when I got a message from Jon. All it said was: “I’m calling in that favor now Milly.” Nessie wasn’t too happy about that, but she gets 10% of everything else I do so she’d be fine. There wasn’t going to be a major tournament anytime soon and hell If I’m going to chip a nail fighting some idiot with his daddy’s old Longsword.

I find myself seasick on a ship out in the Lhazar Principalities. Still, it was a nice place all told. “Maybe if we finished quickly,” I thought at the time, “I could hit up Port Krez and have some real fun for a change.” The Gaslamp district is fun now and again, but it’s hard to gamble and drink when half the time people mistake you for the help.

On the ship were other poor bastards, who probably signed a devil’s bargain with Jon. Lin was there too. Good to see she hadn’t perished in the woods, after all. She still isn’t much of a talker, but I like to think we’re on the same wavelength. Alain d’Tharask was there. It’s a bit of a secret, diary, but I used to have a 333 Lunatic Lane poster not too long ago. Seems like a nice guy in person, not like the way the Skywayerati say. There was a ringmaster type named Kit Reinhart, which I can only remember because she likes to refer to herself in the third person. The last guy is a bit of a mystery. Sean(?), I think, seems the shiftiest of the group.

Stomach still uneasy, Jon explained that he was looking for a blueprint to some device…frankly I lost interest until he said “extra-planar”. Is this guy trying to open a planar portal? And this talk of madness and the Far Realm… what the hell is he up to? Unfortunately, he didn’t get too much farther when some creatures from the Far Realm… well Xoriat, attacked us.

At the same time of the attack, spears of coral punctured holes in the ship, as if we were being used for target practice. Gibbering creatures plus my illness made things really fuzzy for a while, but I got away and steadied my aim and popped a few shots while everyone else competently (for the nmost part) took care of things. Only thing that was awful was when one of the tentacled floaty things blew up in my face. Man, I haven’t thrown up so immediately since I was seven and I ate some bad journeybread Nancielle gave me.

Anyways, we had the creatures almost subdued when the boat snapped in half and we lost consciousness for a while. When we woke up we found ourselves on some old docks. A snappy magical automoton was turning on lights and switches. I noticed the colored levers and lights and began to work them when some sharks decided to play with us. I did some running around and yelling to Lin to operate the one lever I couldn’t reach. After a few tries we turned off the machine and opened an underwater door.

It was at this time that I and Alain were grabbed by sharkes and dragged under. Lin followed suit and she and Alain took care of their shark while a carfule sword in the mouth gave me a chance to get away. After finishing off the sharks, we swam our way towards the now open door.

The door led to a temple filled with large holes and an altar. It was at this point that I freshened up and tried to wring the water out of my ears. Luckily that feeling didn’t last as some overgrown lobster came up and attacked us. We made short work of it and found a holy book on the altar:

“Enlightenment: Contentment through Detachment – Revised Edition” by White Lotus Publishing. This was only odd in that, as a hermit, she didn’t have a relationship with this publishing company. Also odd, she never wrote a revised edition. I flipped through it seeing if they added some dieting and fashion tips, but no such luck.

The room behind the altar was a natural harbor and some losers in shoddy black robes (is that… terry cloth!?). They asked if we had met “Herbert” and, hoping they didn’t see the shell fragments on our clothes, we played dumb. They let us on their ship and told us they were going to go visit Jon at his summer home, obviously unaware of who we were and where Jon was at the moment (which was… fuck if I know, dead I hope).

Worst. Cultists. Ever.

We finally got to Jon’s house. While the cultsts were pissing their pants, I slipped from sight and tried to get in the back. unfourtunately the window jammed. I should have used the front door, which is what Alain did after convincing the cultists they should just turn tail. After finding a few things here, I declared our work done and will proceeded to rip the room to shreds. If I ever find that gnome (assuming he isn’t shark bait), I’m going to give him a piece of my mind. and if he’s finally dead, at least I got his damage deposit revoked.


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