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Open Quests

  • Info: The professor’s journal details his quest for an object of antiquity in Thrane. No leads beyond the name of a local historian-a dwarf named Herbert-can be culled from the journal.
Tempest Isle
  • Info: Before the attack, Professor Kraeken revealed the reason you had been brought together: to plunder Tempest Isle. Seek an audience with High Prince Ryger to pick up the trail.
Eldeen Reaches
  • Info: Professor Kraeken mentioned in his journal a rare Dragonshard in the possession of the Wardens of the Eldeen Reaches. Rendezvous with House Vadalis or the local Feyspire if you wish to contact them.

Character Creation


You are, at the very least, on The Korranberg Chronicle’s “100 Beings to Watch” list. You may be a captain of industry, an infamous duelist, a soldier of fortune, or a local politician. Bottom line, you’re on your way to being a real mover and shaker.

At least you were, until your old professor, Jon Kraeken of Morgrave University, calls in a favor. This is the gnome whose half crazed “drills” and high mortality rate “field trips” made you the powerhouse of a bastard you are today.

For you own reasons, you owe him big time. So you cancel your board meeting/sacking of small village/quest for immortality or whatever and haul your butt off to the far end of Khorvaire.

The Lhazaar Principalities, a barely functional confederation of pirate fiefdoms, is the meeting place. There, in Mutiny Harbor, you and four other colorful characters board “The Captain’s Wench” and greet the man to which, not surprisingly, you all owe a debt.


You are level 5. You may pick 2 level 6 or lower magic items. You have 1,800 gp. You may pick two rituals if you are a ritual caster.

All races (including monster races like goblins or duergar), classes and alignments are ok for use. Unaligned and evil characters are encouraged!

You may be of a dragon marked house or any mid-sized organization. Please detail all connections and resources you can call upon as a result of your character background. That way, in game, I can say “the Griffons come to your aid!” and you say “Cool!” instead of you saying “the Griffons come to my aid!” and I say “What?!”

House Rule:

Uh-oh. DM is making stuff up. In every other game I’ve run (Vampire, Mage and Deadlands) I’ve always included “style points.” These are just things I hand out when you think of something really fun and cool to do in an encounter. You can spend them to automatically roll a “19” on a die roll. That’s it, nothing fancy; just want you to feel encouraged to solve problems in interesting ways and keep things big and silly.


I’m going to try to make sure each encounter can be solved in multiple ways, with combat being just one solution or only part of the solution. This may blow up in my face in the first session, but keep it in mind as we move forward.


Right now we’re looking at:

Skuld – Striker (Monk)

Jeanette – Leaser (Artificer)

Ray – Striker (Ranger)

Joshua – Defender (Swordmage)

Heath – Leader (Bard)

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